What’s your label?

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a well known cliché that we keep hearing all the time. And I somehow agree with it. Because I choose the book by its title.

Let’s imagine a reality where people have titles. Sort of labeling, yes, but with the difference that it would be publicly accepted. Would we choose them for ourselves? Or would people decide for each other? And most importantly – Would we lie?

Would we see temptingly false definitions like “handsome and smart”. Or something more like “easily offensive, but a good cook” – easy and sincere.

Would we believe the labels? Told by someone who wrote a few lines above that chooses a book by the title, it probably wouldn’t sound believable to say “I wouldn’t”. But I really wouldn’t. As much as I love the words and their power, I wouldn’t count on a few adjectives to sculpt my mind.

Because let’s be honest – who would get the “lovely person” or the “awesome” one? Only people who tend to never put themselves first and manage to always put on the fake mask in their daily life, when meeting the other “nice people”.

While those who are not very interested in others opinion and being liked by them, would be mostly described as “arrogant” and “supercilious”. The beautiful ones on the other hand, as “haughty” and “superficial”…

the titles are countless, but the labels even more

And what about my label?

Well, I would put myself only one – “happy”. Not for any other reason, but for the fact that the things that get on people’s nerves the most and that they hate is the happiness of others. And no, I’m not the kind of person who enjoys making people angry. I just believe in the existence of energy.

Life is a great balance, at least in my opinion. So, the negative energy that my happiness will bring with it will also attract an equal amount of positive one – antidote of the poison.

The unwanted external valuation will always be there. It will always be there and it will never correspond to reality, because the important people in your life will never put a label on you. Because the truth is, they don’t care about your title. Those titles are always misleading anyway.

So let’s just be happy! Let’s build our happiness on the basis of other people’s negativity. We deserve it. They deserve it.


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