About me

Bulgarian. 23 years old. Pisces. Creative. Romantic. Colorful. Tedunche. Or just Teodora.

I get easily distracted and enjoy taking photos. I’m graduated in Styling & Communication in NABA, Milan. Writing has always been my passion, like dressing up in unordinary way. I enjoy experimenting, almost as much as drinking prosecco. I’m in love with the good life. I believe that I own an Italian soul, enclosed in a typical for the Balkans strong character.

Being Bulgarian who can speak four languages: Bulgarian, English, Italian and Serbian, you will find posts divided into three sections depending on the language in which I wrote. Interviews, thoughts, photos …

This is your fashionista place where you can be part of my world, my projects and the memories I create. This is your site, your right place to find your inspiration



Don’t hesitate to contact me, because meeting new people is one of my hobbies.

Email – tedunchesplace@gmail.com

Instagram – @tedunche