You’re out of makeup ideas and you’re searching for some inspiration? ( even if you’re a makeup guru like her ) Just keep reading. Today I have the pleasure to present you the powerful Ehlie, who is a NYC makeup artist. Charming, interesting and professional – that’s the description I’d choose for her.

New beginnings, fashion, self – growth and more … Enjoy :

I think every female would agree that opening a fresh new makeup bottle, is one of the most satisfying things hahah. What did makeup gave you and how you feel about the new beginnings?

  • Make up is fun. I think everyone who uses makeup can agree. For me, it’s like I’ve traded toys for cosmetics. New beginnings are always exciting, the idea of new possibilities gives energy.

    Describe yourself with the first letter of your name.
  • Enthusiastic.

3 everyday rituals you can’t go without doing?

  • Aside from normal every day things like showering and brushing – I love my morning workouts, my morning oat matcha, and taking a few quiet moments for myself.

In your Instagram I saw that you’ve worked with different artists, which I’m sure it’s great experience. But can you tell me, who would be a “dream come true” for you to work with?

  • I don’t think about working with certain people. My is to work with people who have great energy, who love to collaborate and appreciate what I do.

The stereotype you break with pleasure is…

  • People have to be on dimensional to be taken seriously.

Is there fashion quote you stick to?

  • I love style but I’m not a “fashion” girl. I don’t believe in sticking to any prescribed quotes. The best ones are the ones we discover organically that mean something to us. 

For the art people the hardest thing is the self-discover. Do you have any self-growth tricks, that helped you find yourself?

  • Spend a lot of time alone reading and writing. Find people who are where you want to be, watch their videos, listen to their podcasts, read their books. Self discovery requires some intentional solitude.

A Fashionista must be…

  • I’m no fashionista but my guess is they have to be fun, otherwise what’s the point. 

Thank you, Ehlie! I couldn’t wait to share the Interview we made. Dreaming of meeting you in NY and creating some bomb looks together

Lots of hugs,


Describe yourself with the first letter of your name


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