We had a conversation via WhatsApp, which trust me was wayy more than only responding to the Interview questions. @zsolea – this talented Beauty is not only a great future designer but also an awesome convo company. Enjoy our talk… let’s get started:

  • When did you first started to draw?
    • I think the drawing passion comes from my father. I remember how when we were younger, he was always drawing something for me and my siblings and I was very excited every time. So as long as I can remember I’m drawing or painting something, but the fashion illustrations especially, I started being interested in doing them when I was around 12 years old.  I studied in a normal school but had the opportunity to visit a fashion designer department in Berlin, where most of the time my activity was bringing coffee hahah. But that was the experience that made me more focused on fashion design and the fashion itself.
  • Do you have a specific creative routine you stick to?
    • I usually wake up early (around 6am, even in the weekend), because during the day I’m busy, and just start to draw on my iPad. I think my most creative time is the early morning or the late evening, when I’m alone, calm and creatively concentrated.
  • Paper or digital drawing? And why
    • I make digital sketches for commissions and my Instagram page, ‘cause it’s the faster and easier way – you have all the colors and brushes all in one place, you can erase easily… But prefer the old-fashioned paper. I use this technique when I want to enjoy and just take my time doing the model I am going for.  
  • What would it be a “dream come true, related to fashion, for you?
    • I have the feeling that we have had the same main legendary designers for decades already, so it’s definitely time for a change, for new generation like us two. And responding to the question – creating my own brand that will last years after me and will be loved by the international women.
  • If you can choose a celebrity to dress, who will it be?
    • Difficult question! Hahah

The first person that comes to my mind is Serena (Blake Lively from “Gossip Girl). I remember admiring her crazy and brave style in the series, just everything looked so cool on her.

*then we both agree that Rihanna is an icon and we will love to have the opportunity to dress her. Soo, hope she’s ready for our bold designs coming

  • Do you feel influenced in a creative way by someone? Or inspired by something in the moment (weather, music…)
    • I don’t have a specific person or thing that I’m influenced by. My inspiration center changes all the time. It can come from travelling, moods, places, music that I’m listening … Now I’m reading Chanel and Dior books and I’m feeling the elegant influence from their style and ways of expression. This type of things makes me experiment with my own style.
  • Fashion book of all time? And a fashion quote too, please (I’m obsessed with them hahaha)
    • “”A little book of Chanel I would say and also this one, it’s like a “”Story of Fashion, which is in German ( you’ll find a picture of it below).

For this Christmas I got a lot of fashion books for present, but I think I am more of a movie person.

The quote I chose is

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” – Oscar Wilde.

* during our conversation we talk a lot about fashion movies (we recommend you the Dior and the YSL documentaries)

  • 1 minute to name 5 wardrobe essentials. What comes to your mind?
    •  The very first thing is the Little Black Dress, you can never ever go wrong with it, like also the next item I would choose – pair of nice denim jeans. Then a blazer – for a touch of elegance. Another must haves are the black ankle boots – you can pair them with almost everything. And the fifth essential is a white blouse with buttons – statement piece you can combine with all types of sweaters for example.
  • In an article “Travel Essay I talk about the benefits, the good lessons 2020 brought us. Is there something you are grateful you’ve learned this year?
    • Yes! The most important thing I have learned for myself is that you don’t have to always go outside or otherwise you’re “missing something. Now I can live without it. I’m totally fine with only calling my friends, this is enough if you really have a connection.I’ve been also a lot focused on my stuff and spent time alone just sewing and drawing and I enjoyed it so much. My 2020 lesson is that you have to be totally fine and happy not only in the company of others, but most important – spending time by yourself. There are always two sides of the story. Beautiful things happened this year, people started to support each other, and I love it. I also like the things you are doing and that you’re using social platforms to not only talk about yourself.

I appreciate these kind words and I’m thankful for having such a cute and thoughtful Fashionista talk with you, Beauty.

Now you can enjoy the pics down below, showing her fire sketches and models she makes.

Stay fashionable!

We’re sending you Hugss

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